Sessions with Adults


Body Learning is a gentle hands-on healing and repatterning process that allows you to relax, learn from your own body, and find new, more easeful ways of moving.  Sessions will often include movement, and I will give you awareness and movement suggestions to work with on your own at home.

A Body Learning session is an invitation to learn about yourself and your body.  You have a chance to discover deep aspects of your structure and physiology, and to develop your awareness of your inner life.

Through touch and guided awareness, I work with the balance of all tissues of the body, including fluid support and the underlying cellular awareness of movement. I trust the body’s own innate ability to heal and be whole.

Our physical development evolves through a series of movement patterns that continue to underlie all our movement.  Body Learning includes a process of guided movement to integrate these patterns for a more fully supported ability to move, from the simplest gesture to the most complex dance movement.

Body Learning is a process of moving toward lasting change, whether it is healing old injuries, integrating a gap in development, or awakening dormant physical support systems.  This usually involves a shift in awareness, which is accessible to anyone.

It’s best to wear comfortable, loose clothing that will allow movement.

“I was close to needing surgery on my knee and came to see Rebecca. It’s been two years, now, and I haven’t needed surgery.  I feel good and I’m walking very well.”

– Carole Sears, Body Learning client

“I had excruciating pain in my jaw. Rebecca performed magic – her therapy made my pain vanish. She also showed me an exercise to help relieve the pain on my own.”

– Rosita Newman, Body Learning client