New Body-Mind Centering Program at Moving Within in Lorane, OR
for Somatic Movement Educator certification  2016 – 2018


I’ll be teaching each summer with the core faculty Mary Lou Seereiter and Amy Matthews. This program is unique – it is set in the woods of Oregon and most students live on-site and eat meals together with the teachers.  The setting supports the notion that we are not separate from nature and that deep somatic work is connected to a deep relationship with nature.

                           Students studying skull bones in the Skeletal course, August 2016


Workshop at Soja Martial Arts
Rebound, Balance and Roll
Sunday, Oct. 5,  2014
1 – 3pm
368 24th St., Oakaland


Teaching in BMC Training Program at Pomona:
Reflexes, Righting Reactions and Equilibrium Responses
and Ontogenetic Development
Claremont, CA
August 2013
Senses and Perception Course,  Claremont, CA
June 2013
Proprioception Class


Teaching in BMC SME Training Program:
Reflexes and Ontogenetic Development Courses
Vussem, Germany
April 2013
Landing In Berlin
The BMC training was presented by Moveus in this tiny town called Vussem, Germany


Reflexes, Righting Reactions, and Equilibrium Responses!


The RRR’s – basic templates for all movement.


Sometimes the balls need to rest…


Teaching Classes at the Yoga Loft in San Francisco!
see the new Classes page


Body-Mind Centering Teacher Training in Paris, 2012

Our graduating class included students from Brazil, Argentina, Taiwan, Japan, Estonia, Hungary, Israel, France, Germany, Austria, Canada, New Zealand and the US, plus 3 babies.

After over 20 years of practicing Body-Mind Centering, I finally got the teacher certification plus an expanded international peer group with whom to share resources.


We Are = Movement

Rebecca Haseltine (far left) teaching an experiential class on the brain.

We Are = Movement

Kate Fox and her vibrant organization We Are = Movement created a pop-up gallery and movement space in San Francisco’s Mission district in April 2012 with movement activities all day and a lecture series each week night, plus performances and workshops.  It was an exciting and inspiring event.

Rebecca Haseltine’s artwork was a backdrop for many movement events: