Baby Moves

at ODC Dance Commons in San Francisco
Mondays  11:00-12:00pm – will start up again Sept. 11, 2017

Moving is Learning;  learn to move with your baby. Baby group for infants 0 – 12 months and their caregivers. Pregnant women welcome!

This class is for babies in their first year to meet, move freely, play and trade notes. It is also for moms and other caregivers to learn about baby development through observation and play – with guidance from a developmental specialist. You will learn ways to hold, carry and move with your baby so that you can both be at your best. Rebecca will offer milestones to watch for, tips for ways to support baby development, and suggestions for self-care.

Rebecca Haseltine is a certified Infant Developmental Movement Educator, and is a certified teacher of Body-Mind Centering ®, with 25 years of experience working with children and adults. She was a performing dancer for many years and has a practice in bodywork and movement therapy. She brings a warm, supportive presence to her classes.

Some toys and props will be available, and you can also bring your own. Every effort will be made to provide a safe and clean environment for all. Caregivers – please wear loose, stretchy, comfortable clothing that will allow you to be on the floor and roll around with your baby.


ODC Dance Commons
Kimi Okada, School Director
351 Shotwell Street, SF




Monthly workshops Fall 2016

Presented by Soja

Version 2

Living in the Legs

Sundays 2 – 4 pm

September 18, October 9, November 6, December 4

Soja Members: $144 for the series of 4; or $45 drop in
Non-members: $160 for the series of 4; or $50 drop in

Our legs are holding us up and walking us around, but what is the inner life of the legs? This series of four workshops will explore the inner architecture, muscle and joint dynamics, early development and hidden support of the legs. Each class will have a specific focus and can be taken as a single, but the series taken as a whole will give the fullest overview of leg development, dynamic and health.

Class #1: Inner Architecture of the Legs

Class #2: Muscle and Reflex Dynamics of the Legs

Class #3: Early Development of the Legs

Class #4: Integration with the Whole Body

This work is helpful for anyone – regardless of your movement experience – and is applicable to a range of movement practices including yoga, dance, sports and martial arts. These classes can also help with rehabilitating injuries and strain.

No previous experience is necessary. Please wear soft, stretchy clothing that is comfortable for active movement.


class will be held at the old location:  368 24th St., Oakland,
off of Broadway and near the 19th St. Bart Station.

NEW LOCATION ): 3015 San Pablo (@ Ashby)  Berkeley  – opening in January 2017


Monthly Workshops  Spring/Summer 2016

photo by Rosie Dienhart BMCA conference 2014

photo by Rosie Dienhart BMCA conference 2014

Presented by Soja

Activate the Arms
with Rebecca Haseltine

Sundays 2 – 5 pm
May 1,  May 29,  June 26, and July 31

Soja Members: $160 for series of 4; or $50 drop in
Non-Members: $200 for series of 4; or $60 drop in


Rebecca Haseltine presents a series of four workshops delving into the origins, actions, and possibilities of the arms.  Drawing on Body-Mind Centering® principles and other movement practices, Haseltine will guide movement explorations to help you unlock potential in your upper body.

The series will build from one workshop to the next.  Each workshop will cover distinct material and can be taken alone, but the series taken as a whole will give you the fullest experience.  Body-Mind Centering offers us a spectrum of resources all resident within the body. This can deepen any movement practice from yoga to sports to martial arts to dance. These classes can also help with rehabilitating injuries and repetitive strain.

Rebecca Haseltine has been teaching adults and children for over 25 years. She is a certified Teacher of Body-Mind Centering® – a comprehensive somatic discipline that teaches us awareness based in anatomy, physiology, and development. She has a practice called Body Learning – including gentle, healing bodywork and movement therapy for children with sensory processing needs – based in San Francisco.

No previous experience is necessary. Please wear soft, stretchy clothing that is comfortable for active movement.

368 24th St.  Oakland   – through July
NEW LOCATION  (Dates to be announced): 3015 San Pablo (@ Ashby)  Berkeley




Fall 2014:

Rebound, Balance and Roll

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This class is about responsiveness in movement. How do we transition? How do we change our tone? How do we build resilience? We will play with big physioballs, smaller gertie balls, stretchy bands, and gravity. We will work individually, in partners, and together as a group to engage inner resources for fluidity, ease, and lightness.

The reflexes are movement templates that underlie every movement we do. Building reflex tone can help you become more resilient in your responses, activate your liveliness, build your balance, and access fuller movement range.

Soja Martial Arts

Sunday Oct. 5     1- 3pm
368 24th St. Oakland, CA
near 19th St. Bart Station

$25  register here



 Fall Classes 2013:

Inner Life
Exploring the Organs
with Rebecca Haseltine

8   Saturdays   2:00 – 4:00pm
October 19, 26   November 2, 23, 30  December 7, 14, 21 – 2013
(no class Nov. 9 & 16)

$200 series/ $30/class

The inner life of the internal organs underlies our daily life, our longevity, and our overall experience of health.  Autumn is a good time to nurture this inner life. We will explore individual organs through awareness, perception, movement, inner movement, and stillness.  Body-Mind Centering is an approach to awareness and embodiment that can be applied to any practice: yoga, marital arts, dance, sports, meditation, or climbing trees.

Sign up for the series:  Register 

Info about:  The Yoga Loft

For more info about classes:



Summer Workshops 2013!

Body Learning presents

Balancing Tone
with Rebecca Haseltine

At the Yoga Loft in San Francisco      321 Divisidero St.  between Oak and Page

June 29 and July 6    2 – 5 pm           The Nervous System

July 27 and Aug 3      2 – 5 pm          The Endocrine System

Sept 7 and Sept 14   2 – 5 pm          The Muscles   (New Dates)

Balance is ineffable, but balancing can be a daily practice. We will explore tone throughout our body and learn ways to balance tone. Through awareness exercises, movement and sound, embryological templates, and fluid dynamics we will learn about tonal balance within and between the body systems.

This series of workshops will be an introductory experiment in Body-Mind Centering® led by Rebecca Haseltine of Body Learning. Body-Mind Centering® is founded in the experience of cellular consciousness. What does this mean? Basically it means we’ll trust that our bodies have an inner life and that we can have access to that.

* Note Low Income rate below

Balancing Tone:
The Nervous System
with Organs and Fluids

June 29,  2 – 5 pm and July 6,  2 – 5 pm
$125 / $100 early bird registration before June 8*
register here

What is tone? What is nervous system tone? We think of nervous tension, but tone is more (or less) than that. The nervous system is a complex system with roots and branches throughout the body. We will tune into the senses, work with sensory/motor balance, and learn about autonomic balancing — through awareness exercises, playing with balls, and movement exploration.

Balancing Tone:
The Endocrine System
with Organs and Fluids

July 27,  2 – 5 pm and Aug 3,  2 – 5 pm
$125 / $100 early bird registration before July 6*
register here

The endocrine system is designed to balance itself. How do we know when we are out of balance? What are ways to invite a more healthy balance? What does ‘tone’ mean in the endocrine system? We will explore the glands (the chakras are an approximation of the endocrine glands) in awareness exercises, sound, movement, and drawing. Balancing is an active principle, and the endocrine system helps us organize ourselves in relation to a complex world.

Balancing Tone:
The Muscles
with Organs and Fluids

Sept 7,  2 – 5 pm and Sept 14,  2 – 5 pm
$125 / $100 early bird registration before Aug 3*
register here

Muscle tension gets our attention, but what is actually happening? What does it mean to have dynamic muscles that can flow with changing tone? What is organ tone? Fluid tone? How do we manage tension in our bodies not through temporary relaxation but by recognition and recruitment of inner resources? This course wraps up the series, tapping into multiple systems of the body for a holistic sense of dynamic balance.

*Low Income Rate: $80 per workshop – use the code LOFTSF

The Yoga Loft
321 Divisidero St.
Between Oak and Page
San Francisco

register for workshops

Wear comfortable clothes you can move in.

Rebecca Haseltine
is a certified teacher of Body-Mind Centering and has a private practice in bodywork and movement therapy in San Francisco. She teaches in BMC training programs and teaches Body Learning classes and workshops at the Yoga Loft. Contact her:


Introduction to Body-Mind Centering ® (BMC)
 with Rebecca Haseltine
at the Yoga Loft in SF
Four Tuesdays, 6–7:25pm
March 5 – 26, 2013
$125 ($100 pre-registered by Feb 12)*

Finally!  I’m happy to announce this series introducing the fundamentals of Body-Mind Centering (BMC) as a practice to cultivate inner awareness. The practice includes internal movement, movement through space, touch, sound and perception, and these can be practiced alone as well as shared with others.
BMC is a comprehensive somatic discipline that rests in awareness within the body, down to the microscopic level. BMC works with all the tissues of the body, including the fluids, the nervous system, the organs and the endocrine system – as well as the bones, muscles, and ligaments. BMC also works with the developmental pathways we all experience from conception through birth, rolling, crawling and into walking.
Based on the simple idea that bodies recognize bodies, bones recognize bones, and organs recognize organs, BMC provides the practitioner with a detailed and deep approach to touch, movement, witnessing and teaching that is grounded in the practitioner’s personal embodiment practice. The more a practitioner embodies her own anatomy and physiology, the more effectively she can work with others. The body is designed to heal itself, and sometimes all that is needed is clear witnessing, recognition on a cellular level, and perceptive partnering.
This is for anyone with interest and curiosity and will be the usual mix: fun, inviting, basic, engaging, and provocative.


The Yoga Loft 321 Divisadero Street San Francisco, CA
(415) 626-5638


*If you need an extra break:  Select LOFT SF when registering for $75 low income rate!


And don’t miss the bones classes — still going through February!  see below:


Classes at the Yoga Loft in  2013!
321 Divisidero @ Oak –  San Francisco 

January and February:  Fridays 11am – 12noon   $10/class

Anchoring into the Bones

For information about the class: or 415-385-2233
For information about the Yoga Loft:  or 415-625- LOFT (5638)

This series of winter classes will focus into our bones as deep resources for stability, integrity, form, balance, resonance, and clarity.  The bones help us anchor into gravity, and thus into place – both the physical placement within our bodies and our placement on earth.

These classes are designed to be taken as a series, but drop-ins will be accepted.  Each class will highlight an aspect of the nature of bone and will focus on one or two specific bones as a reference or guide.  Please come prepared to move – we will explore awareness, perception, inner movement, movement through space, and


 Free Intro Class November 14, 2012  7:30 – 8:30pm

the Yoga Loft,  321 Divisidero St.

The Jawbone — explore Body Learning and Body-Mind Centering
while you experience your anatomy and the
brilliance and expressiveness of bones

For information about the class: or 415-385-2233
For information about the Yoga Loft:  or 415-625- LOFT (5638)