Brain and Spine Injury

When the brain has been injured before, during, or immediately after birth, the physical impairment that results is called cerebral palsy.  The location and extent of brain injury is often only partially known, and the resulting complications are unique to each individual.  Brain and spinal injury later in life can also cause physical impairment and sensory integration issues.  Body Learning approaches brain and spine injury in terms of healing and repatterning.  Injury to the central nervous system during infancy interrupts the normal developmental patterns, and injury later in life can undermine those patterns.  In order to heal from the injury, we can move through the developmental movement patterns that have been interrupted or skipped.  The nervous system is designed to support learning for the rest of the body, and requires focused and gentle attention with alternating periods of input and rest in order to heal itself.  Body Learning facilitates this unique process through touch, guided movement, and parent (and client) education.