Bean Dip



Bean Dip
by Rebecca Haseltine  08/10/16

Bean Dip Video.  Over the years I’ve developed ways to rehabilitate injuries of the limbs using intricate, sequential resistance. My first project involved a bucket of course sand to rehab my ankle after the second dislocation.  I expanded the sand exercises to include larger movements on the beach.  The sand rehab was so effective I started playing with different materials that would give detailed feedback.  I began using red beans, and this added a completely different sensory element that I liked.  They’re gorgeous, smooth, cool, and their movement feels amazing.  The action of the beans is also mesmerizing to watch – both stimulating and calming at the same time.

Bean Dip now exists in many forms – I’m continuing to develop the bean movement repertoire and to learn the many uses for the bean dip practice.  I’ve used it in my Body Learning practice for healing foot, ankle, and knee injuries, and for hand strains and arthritis, and for elbow and shoulder injuries.  I’ve also used the beans for sensory integration, nervous system balancing, and for overall calming, relieving stress, and reducing tension – especially in the hands, arms, and shoulders.

Note:  if you are looking for these beans, look for Frijol Rojo – Honduran or Nicaraguan – (not ‘Mexican’ as I erroneously said in the video.)

Here’s my first video clip introducing the practice:  Bean Dip 1   There will be more later.