“The subtlest changes can be the most profound and long lasting.”

–Scott P. Phillips, Chinese martial arts instructor and client
— describing Body Learning

Body Learning is a comprehensive practice of hands-on bodywork, movement therapy, and somatic education. Body Learning addresses physical concerns including injuries, chronic pain, physical development delays, neurological conditions, and body integration issues.

Body Learning is a gentle, deep approach to healing and learning based in somatic awareness, touch and movement.  The word ‘somatic’ refers to the body as a living experience.  Through bringing awareness to the structures, tissues and physiology of the body, we have fuller access to our whole intelligence.  The body is dynamic, elastic, self-knowing, and self-healing.  Somatic awareness is available to anyone, including children and infants.

Rebecca Haseltine developed Body Learning out of 20 years of working with children and adults one-on-one and in classes and workshops.  She brings creativity and care to the life-long practice of embodiment in her own life and as she partners with others.